Who am I ?

Name :  RUBENS Yves

Address :  Albertwal 14        3700 TONGEREN (The oldest town in Belgium).

Born :  28.03.1944.

Education : HTL Electricity.

Profession :  Retiered

Married to :  Van Bouwel Maria

Children :  Bart , Dirk , Jan , Piet , Els and Wim.

Grandchildren :  Arnaud , Alexandre , Thomas , Hélène , Florence , Amber , Lucas , Killian , Cody , Deven and Xuan Hé

Dog :  Airdale "Yoker".

Hobbies :  Electronics , Modelbuilding , Computer hardware/software , Boating and so on.

E-mail : yves@rubytronics.be

Why ?

Boats without propeller or rudder?

The challenge was the tugboats' drive system.

What is the VSP (Voight-Schneider Propeller) ?

First of all, the system had to be tried out on a small scale.

Therfore, a craft was needed to test the 'VSP'.

The link was quickly made seeing how I was already into modelmaking, namely stationary model aircraft ( Belgian Airforce ).  A whole collection of documents and photos was necessary for this.

It were the real tugboats that were to be used as model.

Since it is a hobby, this means that everything has to be done in my spare time, a lengthy business in other words.

All help in the way of documentation, photos, "links" or  ideas are always welcome. Let's hear  from you.